Why do marketers use so much jargon?

Forgive me. I’m annoyed. I’m fed up of reading and hearing marketers use jargon. Let me share a few recent ones ‘boil the ocean’, ‘smarketing’, ‘pushing prospects down the funnel’. What do these words even mean?

By creating jargon, you’re just alienating your audience. Please. Just say it how it is, don’t dress it up in fancy terminology. There really is no need.

Most of my clients don’t have a marketing function in-house. They hire me to help with specific marketing challenges, for example:

  • Creating a marketing strategy for growth
  • Campaigns to increase leads for the sales team
  • Market research to improve understanding of customers.

But never, ever, do I go in saying, “right today we’re going ‘boil the ocean’, ‘push your prospects through the funnel’ and ‘squeeze the juice out of your content’.” I think they’d look at me as if I’d grown two heads. And rightly so!

I always have a sneaky suspicion that people who resort to overuse of these terrible industry phrases don’t know their subject area as well as they should do. They hide behind buzzwords and jargon. But, using jargon just isn’t necessary. Keep it plain, keep it simple and do what you say you’re going to do. I’m not going to ‘boil the ocean’ but I am going to recommend a marketing campaign that will increase leads for your sales team.

To quote George Eliot ‘The finest language is mostly made up of simple, unimposing words.’ ‘Enough said!

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